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About carbon steel balls, bearing steel balls, stainless steel balls


Steel balls are mainly divided into carbon steel balls, […]

Steel balls are mainly divided into carbon steel balls, bearing steel balls, and stainless steel balls according to their materials. Of course, there are other materials, but they are rarely used. Today I mainly talk about these three commonly used steel balls.

Carbon steel balls are divided into two types according to whether they are heat-treated, that is, fired. After heat treatment, the hardness of the carbon steel balls increases, and the surface hardness can reach about HRC60. Unheated carbon steel balls have a hardness similar to that of steel, with a hardness of about HRC28, commonly known as iron balls. The two prices are different. The price after heat treatment is higher, but it does not mean that the heat-treated carbon steel ball is good. The heat-treated carbon steel ball cannot be welded, and the welding is not reliable. Just drop, if you are welding, you must choose non-heat treated carbon steel balls.



Bearing steel balls, the most important thing is the classification, that is, bearing steel balls have a lot of precision, according to the national standard GB/T308-2002 grade list, divided into G5, G10, G16, G28, G40, G60, G100, G200, G500, G1000, etc. G is the first letter of Grade in English, and the following numbers have different levels. The smaller the number, the higher the accuracy and the better the steel ball. High precision is generally used in precision machinery, auto parts, aerospace and other industries with relatively high requirements, and low precision is generally used in grinding, crushing, stirring and other industries.

Stainless steel balls are mainly divided into 201, 304, 302, 316, 316L, 420, 440, 440C, etc. according to the material. There are national standard stainless steel materials, but there are many non-standard materials on the market, mainly nickel and chromium components are not up to standard, cutting corners , So the rust and corrosion resistance is much worse. Therefore, it is easy to buy non-standard material stainless steel balls simply by comparing the price. This is the reason why you will get rust soon after you buy it.