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Application Introduction of Universal Ball


The universal ball can easily turn, rotate, and push a […]

The universal ball can easily turn, rotate, and push a single piece of transported material. As a part, it is widely used in transmission systems, feeding systems, processing systems, processing machinery, and packaging machinery auxiliary equipment. The material of the universal ball can be selected and matched according to different use environments, occasions and uses. As a labor-saving tool, it is used in the load occasions of general processing industry. The material is generally alloy steel, galvanized steel ball, bearing steel ball.


Titanium Ball


Industrial use of universal ball


1.Universal ball, universal wheel are used for the handling of goods and packages, assembly lines, casters, mechanical load, sliding door system, and mechanical workbench, etc. where smooth, accurate and labor-saving multi-directional moving objects are required .


2. Universal ball, universal roller is an important one of conveyor, conveyor equipment, assembly line parts, can be made into conveyor universal ball, conveyor universal ball, assembly line universal ball, Pipeline universal ball etc.