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Application of Hollow Plastic Balls in Environmentally Friendly Fillers


Plastic float, hollow plastic float, hollow plastic flo […]

Plastic float, hollow plastic float, hollow plastic float are mainly made of Polypropylene, PP, PE.

Plastic balls, plastic floats, hollow plastic floats, hollow plastic floats have good chemical resistance, low density, low water absorption, good electrical insulators and low dielectric coefficients. They are often used for floating capacity requirements. Place for plastic floats for blood transfusion devices, plastic floats for level calibration indicators, plastic floats for fillers, plastic floats for thermal insulation, hollow plastic floats for water treatment equipment, environmental protection equipment for filtering hollow plastic floats, plating tanks covered with plastic Floating ball, hollow plastic floating ball of packing tower. It has high resistance to chemicals, such as acids, strong bases, alcohol, many inorganic substances, salt solutions, solvents, gasoline, water, petroleum, grease, detergents, fruit juices and milk, etc. The fluid is redistributed in the filler layer Good performance, but not resistant to aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorates, widely used in packing towers in petroleum, chemical, environmental protection and other industries.

Plastic ball, plastic floating ball, hollow plastic floating ball, hollow plastic floating ball filler has large specific surface area, smooth surface, large ventilation, anti-blocking, etc. It does not cause environmental pollution and can have positive significance for environmental protection and ecological balance. The technical appraisal experts of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China suggest that it be promoted and used in the filler industry.