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Are there any lubrication requirements for plastic balls in slide rail systems?


In general, Plastic Ball For Slide Rail systems do not […]

In general, Plastic Ball For Slide Rail systems do not require lubrication. Unlike metal bearings, plastic balls are often self-lubricating due to their low friction coefficient. They are designed to operate smoothly without the need for additional lubricants. This feature makes plastic balls advantageous in applications where lubrication may be challenging or undesirable.

However, it's important to note that specific slide rail systems or certain plastic ball materials may have unique requirements or recommendations regarding lubrication. It's always recommended to consult the manufacturer's guidelines or documentation for the particular slide rail system you are using to ensure proper maintenance and operation.

If lubrication is necessary for a specific slide rail system, it is typically minimal and may involve using a dry lubricant or a compatible lubricant that is suitable for plastic components. The lubricant chosen should not negatively affect the plastic material, its performance, or the overall operation of the slide rail system. Following the manufacturer's recommendations is crucial to prevent any potential damage or interference with the functionality of the plastic balls or slide rails.


POM Solid Plastic Ball For Slide Rail

POM Solid Plastic Ball For Slide Rail

Specification:Φ0.5mm-60mm, special specifications can also be customized production
Performance:Polyoxymethylene polyoxymethylene (P0M) is also known as Saigang and special steel. It has good physical, mechanical and chemical properties, especially with excellent friction resistance. It is similar to nylon, but slightly harder than nylon. It has a slightly higher density, less noise, and less friction. It can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -40-130 °C. Its wear resistance and self-lubricity are also superior to most engineering plastics, and it has good oil resistance and gassing resistance.
Application:POM ball tables and drawer slides are commonly used, bearings, rollers, valves, and electronics, marine instruments, and the like.