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Do plastic hollow balls have unique advantages in water treatment?


Plastic hollow balls do offer some unique advantages in […]

Plastic hollow balls do offer some unique advantages in water treatment, making them a popular material choice. The following are some unique advantages of plastic hollow balls in water treatment:

1. Increased surface area:
The unique feature of plastic hollow balls that are so popular in water treatment is their huge surface area. This property is due to their tiny hollow structure. Compared to traditional fillers or particles, the inner and outer surfaces of these hollow spheres can come into contact with contaminants in the water. This means that they can effectively adsorb, absorb or react various pollutants in water, thereby improving water quality. Whether removing organic matter, heavy metal ions or other difficult-to-treat compounds from wastewater, plastic hollow spheres can provide more efficient surface area to address these challenges.

2. Lightweight and easy to hang:
Plastic hollow balls are easily suspended or stirred in water thanks to their lightweight nature. This feature allows the energy consumption of the water treatment system to be reduced. Traditional filler materials, such as metal fillers, can be relatively heavy and require more energy to suspend or agitate, thus increasing the energy cost of the treatment process. The lightweight nature of plastic hollow balls reduces these additional costs and helps make the water treatment process more efficient.

3. Resistant to chemical corrosion:
Plastic materials generally have excellent chemical stability and can resist corrosion and chemical reactions in water. This makes plastic hollow balls very useful when dealing with corrosive water conditions. For example, in wastewater treatment containing corrosive chemicals, metal fillers may be corroded, shortening their service life, while plastic hollow balls are able to maintain their performance for a long time, reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacement, thereby reducing operating costs .

4. Low maintenance cost:
Plastic hollow balls generally require less maintenance due to their corrosion resistance and durability. They are not prone to rust, corrosion, or attack by chemicals in the water, so they have a long service life. This means operators can reduce the frequency and cost of scheduled maintenance, ensuring system reliability and stability.

The size and shape of plastic hollow balls can often be customized to meet specific water treatment needs. This customizability allows it to be adapted to a variety of applications. Different water treatment processes may require different sizes and shapes of fillers for optimal results. By developing a custom design based on specific requirements, plastic hollow balls can be ensured to achieve optimal performance in specific applications.

6. Low-cost options:
Plastic hollow balls are generally more economical than some traditional water treatment media, such as metal fillers. Their low manufacturing costs and reliability in terms of longevity make them an attractive low-cost option. Plastic hollow balls are a smart choice for businesses looking to reduce costs in their water treatment processes without sacrificing performance.

7. Efficient mass transfer performance:
Plastic hollow spheres have excellent mass transfer properties, supported by their large surface area and tiny hollow structure. This means they are highly effective at removing contaminants and dissolved substances from water. Whether used for gas adsorption, chemical reactions or other mass transfer processes, plastic hollow spheres provide outstanding performance to help improve water treatment.


PP Material Toy Plastic Hollow Ball

Material:PP hollow ball
Specification:Φ10mm-60mm (other specifications can also be customized)
application:Ball bottle, liquid cover, sealing ball, float ball