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How hot rolled steel balls are produced


As we all know, wear-resistant Stainless Steel Ball are […]

As we all know, wear-resistant Stainless Steel Ball are divided into hot-rolled steel balls, forged steel balls and cast steel balls according to different production processes. They are used in different fields. All kinds of wear-resistant steel balls have their own characteristics. It is suitable for wet grinding fields such as metallurgy and mines, while cast steel balls are suitable for dry grinding fields such as cement and building materials.


High Precision Hardness Titanium Ball

High Precision Hardness Titanium Ball



Hot-rolled steel balls originated from the former Soviet Union. In 1956, Handan Iron and Steel introduced the first domestic hot-rolled steel ball production line. Industrial applications have achieved good results.


The production process of hot rolled steel balls is as follows:

1. Incoming inspection of round steel bars;

2. The ingredients enter the continuous heating furnace for heating

3. The red-hot billet enters the steel ball mill and is rolled into steel balls.

4. The red-hot steel balls enter the specially designed online heat treatment equipment for quenching-tempering heat treatment