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How to choose a carbon steel ball


When choosing a Carbon Steel Ball, there are several fa […]

When choosing a Carbon Steel Ball, there are several factors to consider. These factors include hardness, nickel coating, and shock load resistance. In addition to their hardness, other benefits of a Carbon Steel Ball include their roundness and corrosion resistance. Listed below are some of these features. A good Carbon Steel Ball will last for years.A Carbon Steel Ball is a type of steel ball with a hardened outer surface. These balls are commonly used in bearing assembly. They are also useful for academic experiments and arts and crafts projects. The hardness of these balls depends on the diameter. This material is available in two basic types, case hardened and through-hardened.The case-hardened type of Steel Ball is easier to produce.


Precision Stainless Steel Bearing Balls 420 Smooth Ball

Precision Stainless Steel Bearing Balls 420 Smooth Ball



It is made by heating steel to a high temperature, which causes the carbon atoms to diffuse into the material's subsurface. This results in a hard, martensitic surface that is extremely resistant to wear. The surface is then tested by placing a steel ball with known diameter on the material. This measurement determines the Brinell Hardness Number, which is a measure of the hardness of the material.The Nickel Coated carbon steel ball is made of carbon steel and is available in various sizes. The hardness of the ball is evaluated by a special micro hardness test. It is hard enough to withstand the pressure of an explosion, but it is soft enough to be drilled and tapped. Usually, it is used in check valves and down hole control valves.


This type of ball is resistant to rust and corrosion.The material can be processed to obtain the desired hardness and finish. This is a very affordable alternative to stainless steel. Besides, this steel has excellent machinability and is also available in large diameters. However, the nickel coating is susceptible to line scale and sand.Carbon steel is a steel alloy with a minimum carbon content of 2.1% by weight. As per the American Iron and Steel Institute, alloys are not achieved without a minimum amount of copper and silicon. Manganese should be at least 1.65 g/cm3. Increasing carbon content in carbon steel balls will result in increased strength and ductility, but will reduce weldability.


One test that determines whether a carbon steel ball is resistant to corrosion is the copper-sulfate test. It contains 6 percent sulfuric acid and water and forms a bright spot of copper-plating on the steel ball. Corrosion resistant materials will not be affected by this test within two minutes, but may react with hard stainless steel after a prolonged exposure.The global Carbon Steel Balls market report provides an in-depth analysis of the market. It covers the competitive landscape, product and application segmentation, and future development potential. The report also highlights the key players operating in the market. You can gain valuable insights from this report to formulate your business strategy. It also helps you evaluate the current market scenario, determine the market size, and make informed decisions.