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How to configure the steel balls of the ball mill?


The steel balls of the ball mill can be described as th […]

The steel balls of the ball mill can be described as the "main force" of grinding, and its quality and ratio are directly related to the efficiency of the equipment and even the entire production line, so it is valued by many users.

Under normal circumstances, the diameter of the steel ball of the ball mill is between Φ20mm~Φ125mm (such as 40mm and 60mm for small balls, 80mm for medium balls, and 100mm or 120mm for large balls). Wait.

Under normal circumstances, the ball mill does not need to add small balls Stainless Steel Ball when grinding, because the reasonable friction between the steel ball and the steel ball, the steel ball and the ore, and the steel ball and the ball mill liner during the normal operation of the ball mill will increase the wear. , Make the big ball mill small and medium ball mill into small balls.

The proportions of steel balls of different sizes are also different, but when the ball mill is first used, three types of balls, large, medium, and small, are required for proportioning, and the first addition should be carried out according to 80% of the maximum ball size given by the manufacturer Add, because after the ball mill is installed, the large and small gears of the ball mill need to be meshed, and the processing capacity must be gradually increased. After the ball mill runs normally for two or three days, check the meshing of the large and small gears. 20% steel ball.