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How to distinguish between cast iron steel balls and forged steel balls


Carbon Steel Ball produced by casting and smelting are […]

Carbon Steel Ball produced by casting and smelting are called cast steel balls. No need to smelt and cast, just make it by forging. Well, the steel ball is called forged steel ball.

Due to the difference of materials and processing technology, the hardenability of cast steel balls is poor inside and outside the heat treatment, and the hardness of the steel balls inside and outside the production treatment is very different.


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Because forged steel has a reasonable combination of high-carbon manganese-chromium and other alloying elements, the internal and external hardenability of the production heat treatment is strong, the difference between the internal and external hardness is small, and it is also due to the difference in impact value. Therefore, it was decided that forged balls are less broken than cast balls.


The broken rate of forged steel balls is small, while that of cast steel balls is large. Generally, the broken rate of cast steel balls is 3%, while that of forged steel balls is 1%. Due to the small breakage rate, the powder output rate of the mill is increased and reduced. The cost of beneficiation is reduced, and the production efficiency of the mill is improved.


Because the microstructure of our forged steel ball is fine needle-like martensitic structure, the hardness is high, and the price of forged steel ball is much lower than that of cast steel ball under the same wear resistance as cast steel ball, and the grinding cost is lower.