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How to forge solid steel balls


Steel balls are divided into grinding Stainless Steel B […]

Steel balls are divided into grinding Stainless Steel Ball, forging steel balls and casting steel balls according to the production and processing technology. According to the processing materials, it is divided into bearing steel balls, stainless steel balls, carbon steel balls, copper bearing steel balls, alloy balls.Steel ball production methods generally have four categories forging, rolling, semi-solid forming and casting.


Due to the history and some special conditions of use and the comprehensive environment and background of the mineral processing industry, in these industries, forging and rolling balls occupy a considerable proportion. Semi-solid forming has the characteristics of unconventional casting, which cannot be explained by simple die casting.


The cast steel ball is easy to realize the expansion advantage of low-investment mass production with its simple, flexible and reliable production method, especially when experts and engineers use various advanced technology and alloy composition design in the face of the steelmaking furnace, which can play an endless role.


The sense of achievement brought by the imagination to create one after another more novel and advanced varieties to meet the needs of competition is very human. Of course, the high cost performance and sustainable development potential of cast balls make it the main force in the production of steel balls in today's crushing industry, especially in the cement crushing industry.