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How to form hollow plastic balls?


The molding process of plastic hollow balls is generall […]

The molding process of plastic hollow balls is generally divided into blow molding and injection molding according to the structure of the product.
The blow molding process of the plastic hollow ball can be made into an integral ball, which can be made into a ball without holes or with holes. There is a parting line in the middle of the ball. Common materials are PP, PE, PS, ABS, TPE, TPR, TPU.

The injection molding process of plastic hollow spheres can only make half of the spheres first, and then produce half of the spheres. When they are combined, it becomes a hollow plastic sphere. When bonding, you can use glue or ultrasonic. Common materials are PC, PMMA, PA, POM, ABS.

Use hollow blow molding technology.

Here mainly refers to the hollow blow molding (also known as plastic molding) is a method of inflating a hot melt parison closed in a mold to form a hollow product by means of gas pressure. It is the third most commonly used plastic processing method, and it is also a development. A faster plastic molding method. The mold used for blow molding is only a female mold (concave mold). Compared with injection molding, the equipment cost is lower, the adaptability is stronger, the moldability is good (such as low stress), and products with complex undulating curves (shapes) can be molded.