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How to process agate into balls?


It is best to configure an agate ball mill for processi […]

It is best to configure an agate ball mill for processing agate into balls. The following is the relevant information about the ball mill for reference:

Agate ball mill: The output is not only affected by the load of the agate ball, but also related to the diameter of the agate ball. It is required to have a certain ball diameter and balls with different ball diameters to maintain a certain proportional relationship. Generally, the size range of the ball diameter in the cylinder is 25-60mm. If the cylinder body is filled with large-diameter balls, the impact force is larger, which is beneficial to crushing large coals. However, due to the large gap between the balls and the small relative surface area, the squeezing and milling effects are weakened, which will affect the coal mill. Both the output and the fineness of coal powder are unfavorable. There are too many small-diameter steel balls in the cylinder and the impact force is small, which will reduce the output of the coal mill. At the same time, due to the relative increase of the surface area of ​​the agate ball, the wear of the agate ball will increase, and the coal grinding power consumption will increase accordingly.

For example, during the operation of the coal mill, the weight and diameter of the agate balls are continuously reduced due to wear and tear, so new balls need to be filled regularly to maintain a certain amount of steel balls. Generally, large-diameter balls are filled, and the amount of filling should be determined according to the wear rate of the agate ball (the wear amount of the steel ball per ton of coal) and the amount of coal. After the coal mill runs for a certain period of time, the number of small diameter steel balls in the cylinder increases. Therefore, generally after running for about 3000 hours, it is necessary to stop the machine to clean the steel balls in order to remove the balls with a diameter of less than 15mm and the broken balls, and at the same time make up new balls.