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How to use plastic ball hardness tester


Plastic ball pressure test is to determine the resistan […]

Plastic ball pressure test is to determine the resistance of plastic ball to another accessory that matches plastic ball. It has the ability of a rigid object with no elastic deformation to press it. It is one of the important parameters to check whether plastic ball can be deformed without cracking under high pressure. , Some special industry applications of plastic balls require full inspection before they can be applied, the detection method of plastic ball pressure detector:

1. The pressure test of special ball for chemical plastics requires additional application for 24 hours. A pressure sensing head of φ2.5 mm must be equipped as standard to meet the technical requirements of SY / T 5618-2017.
2. Determine the pressure resistance of the plastic ball, display it directly on the LCD screen, and connect the printer for data printing.
3. The plastic ball pressure gauge must have an automatic light alarm function. The plastic ball resistance recapture value is entered into the computer. When the test plastic ball exceeds the set pressure and deforms and cracks, the pressure force automatically flashes and alarms.

4. Plastic ball pressure gauge must have Chinese operation interface.

Main technical parameters of plastic ball pressure gauge:

The default pressure of the machine is 15.5N, of which 25N, 38N, 49N, 98N, 165N can be adjusted.

Plastic ball pressure detection head diameter: ¢ 3.15 ± 0.02mm, ¢ 5.95 ± 0.02mm, ¢ 9.52 ± 0.02mm.

Plastic ball test range: ¢ 3.15mm- ¢ 29.5mm.

Pressure ball head accuracy level: 1 level