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Manufacturing process of PP plastic ball


Plastic PP ball is also called plastic polypropylene ba […]

Plastic PP ball is also called plastic polypropylene ball. PP plastic material has the characteristics of light weight, environmental protection, safety, and low price. Therefore, PP plastic is widely used. Plastic PP ball is also called PP plastic ball. It is the only plastic ball that can float. Plastic solid balls on the water, PP plastic balls are widely used in the food and pharmaceutical machinery fields, mainly for environmental protection and safety. In some water supply pipeline valves, plastic PP balls and PP plastic balls are basically used, and in some machines The device is used to display the liquid level of plastic PP ball and PP plastic ball, this type of PP plastic ball is also called plastic liquid ball. But this type of PP plastic liquid level ball is usually made of plastic PP ball into red plastic ball, you can clearly see the level of liquid level.

Production process of plastic PP ball:

The production of plastic PP balls first requires the production of PP plastic ball molds. The size of the PP plastic ball mold depends on the specifications of the plastic PP ball, that is, the diameter size. Add the actual shrinkage of the plastic ball to the actual size and size. Leave the processing allowance for the later processing. Generally, the size of the rough ball of the plastic PP ball produced by injection molding is at least 0.20mm larger than the diameter of the finished plastic PP ball. The processed PP plastic ball must be manually selected. , Select the defective products with air lines, material lines, shrinkage, and mottled surfaces, and then go to the next process for grinding. The machine used for grinding is a special plastic ball mill. First, use a plastic ball rough mill to grind. Then use a plastic ball refiner to grind. The precision of the plastic ball can reach plus or minus 0.01mm. The polished plastic ball is a finished plastic PP ball.