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POM plastic ball product description


POM plastic ball Field of application: POM balls are co […]

POM plastic ball
Field of application: POM balls are commonly used for sliding devices for tables and drawers, bearings, rollers, valves and electronics, and sailing devices.
Characteristics: It is obtained by polymerization of formaldehyde or the like. It is a high density, high crystallinity thermoplastic engineering plastic. Has good physical, mechanical and chemical properties, especially with excellent friction resistance.
Level: G0~G3
Specifications: 1.588mm~60mm
Performance parameters:
Density: 1.45g/cm3
Water absorption: 0.8%
Continuous use temperature: - 50~ 90 °C
Yield tensile strength: 62MPa
Decomposition temperature: 240 °C
Modulus of elasticity: 2600MPa
Vicat softening temperature: 150 °C
Thermal linear expansion coefficient: 1.1k-1*104
Thermal conductivity: 20 °C 0.31w / (mxk)