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Production process of degradable plastic ball


Plastic pellets are also called plastic microbeads. Deg […]

Plastic pellets are also called plastic microbeads. Degradable plastic pellets are mainly used in the cosmetics industry, but traditional plastic pellets cannot be biodegraded, causing environmental impact.

Very large pollution. At present, it is strictly prohibited to use non-degradable plastic pellets in the cosmetics industry in foreign countries. Instead of the traditional plastic pellets, plastic degradation pellets are used.

The production method of degradable plastic balls is to pull PLA plastic into a 0.05mm diameter wire using a plastic wire drawing machine. After the wire is cooled, the wire is cut.

It is cut into 0.05mm long particles, and then the plastic particles are polished. The degraded plastic beads after polishing are degradable plastic beads, which are used in chemical

Cosmetics industry, environmental protection and safety, has been recognized as qualified and safe plastic microspheres by the US Food and Drug Administration. At present, large foreign cosmetic giants have begun

The traditional plastic microspheres are switched to degradable plastic pellets. It is believed that more and more degradable plastic pellets will be used in the cosmetics industry.