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Reduce the energy consumption of stainless steel ball production


At the end of the last century, the stainless steel bal […]

At the end of the last century, the stainless steel ball processing manufacturing industry has gradually improved its processing technology and improved the steel ball industry. As the scale and number of the steel ball industry continue to expand, it has also begun to enter the era of low profit. As the technology improves, the cost increases, but the steel ball itself is a miniature component of mechanical equipment, and the value range has certain limits. Along with this is a reduction in production costs. However, in order to reduce costs, many steel ball manufacturing industries have “stolen and reduced materials” or “filled with shoddy”. The purpose is to maintain a favorable price advantage and preserve the long-term development of the company. However, the phenomenon of “cutting the work” is definitely not a feasible long-term policy. Now the market needs a competitive advantage in terms of steel ball requirements, quality and price. Because scientific energy-saving measures are the competitive means of steel ball manufacturing.

      1. Scientific selection of raw materials

      In the selection of raw materials for the production of stainless steel balls, material utilization must be considered. First of all, we must reduce the intermediate links in the procurement process and directly face the steel suppliers, so as to reduce the price cost of materials. In the choice of steel manufacturers, we must be aware that price differences will have an impact on quality, and choose material manufacturers with high cost performance to save additional resources.

      2. Manufacturing process

      In the production of molds, you should choose a carbide mold or a hardened mold. Better improve the anti-wear and anti-fatigue ability of the steel ball. In the cold rolling process of the steel ball, the hard cutting tool is selected to effectively reduce the tolerance of the steel ball globule and save the material. And the life of the mold is extended. Reduce the cost of the production process.

      3. Control of excipients

      Steel balls require abrasive grinding aids in the grinding, hard grinding and grinding processes. The scientific and regular quantitative control of the abrasive abrasive can effectively save the cost of the auxiliary material, thereby reducing the production cost of the steel ball as a whole. 

In today's fiercely competitive market environment, the stainless steel ball industry will be eliminated regardless of the quality and price reduction. Only by continuously improving the quality and technology of steel balls, scientifically reducing production costs is the right direction and choice.

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