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Several classifications of plastic float balls


1. Plastic hollow spheres are generally made by bonding […]

1. Plastic hollow spheres are generally made by bonding two semi-circular hollow spheres, so the accuracy of plastic hollow spheres is not high. This type of hollow sphere is mainly used as a liquid surface covering ball, in order to prevent evaporation of chemical and chemical agents. Cause environmental pollution.

2. Plastic solid balls are used as floating balls. They mainly refer to plastic solid balls that can float on the water. There are only three types of plastic solid balls that can float on the water. PP plastic, PE plastic, and PX plastic. The specific gravity is about 0.9, so it can float on the water, and the specific gravity of water is 1.0.

3. Plastic float ball is a special foaming agent added to the plastic raw materials during the production of plastic balls. The surface of the plastic foam ball has a dense layer with a thickness of about 0.6mm, which can prevent liquid from penetrating into the plastic foam. Inside the ball, the plastic foam ball is a foaming process, and it is difficult to artificially control the speed and time of the foaming reaction during the foaming process. Therefore, the quality of the plastic foam ball is extremely unstable, which affects the plastic foaming. Use of the ball. Dongguan Jiaji Plastic Products Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various plastic balls, plastic hollow balls, plastic float balls, of which plastic hollow balls, plastic solid balls, plastic foam balls, smooth surface, high precision, precision can Up to ± 0.015mm, the plastic floating ball polishing adopts imported equipment and imported polishing materials. The plastic floating ball produced by the company is higher than the quality of other domestic brands, and customers are welcome to come to discuss cooperation.