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Stainless steel ball density is affected by three factors


First, the material influence, steel, cast iron, alloy […]

First, the material influence, steel, cast iron, alloy steel, etc., the density of different materials is different, the density of steel is larger than that of cast iron, and the alloy steel varies according to the density and content of the main alloying elements.

Second, the influence of the steel ball manufacturing method, the sand making machine and the forged steel ball have a dense structure, so the density is large, and the cast steel ball, the cast iron ball or the cast alloy ball and the like are not dense, and even have pores therein. Therefore, the density is smaller.

Third, the influence of the metallographic structure of the steel ball, the density of different crystal structures such as martensite, austenite, bainite and ferrite are also different, which also affects the crystal fineness.

When the hardness of the steel ball is too high, there are two reasons for the disadvantage of grinding:

1. The rebound of the steel ball is serious, causing some energy loss in the rebound, so the energy of the steel ball is not used more for crushing, thus affecting the crushing;

2. When the hardness of the steel ball is too high, the ball and the ball slide strongly when they are in contact with each other, and can not effectively bite the mineral particles between the balls and the ball, so that the grinding effect of the ore particles is weakened.

Regarding the influence of the density of the Carbon Steel Ball of the sand making equipment on the grinding, in general, the productivity of the ball having the same size is large, and the productivity with a small density is small.