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Stainless steel ball for electrical appliances


Stainless steel balls are commonly used in the electric […]

Stainless steel balls are commonly used in the electrical industry in three places:
1. The iron is made of stainless steel ball, usually a spray iron. It acts as a valve. The material is usually AISI304 stainless steel ball or 316 stainless steel bead. The specification is usually 3MM or 3.175MM.
2. Stainless steel ball for air conditioning, usually 4MM, 304 stainless steel beads can also be used as material
3. Washing machine with stainless steel ball, usually 304 stainless steel ball, used in automatic washing machine inlet pipe, the size is 4.763MM
4. The mouse uses stainless steel ball, usually the specification is 38.1MM, also called mouse ball, the material is 304, the surface finish requirement is higher, and the roundness requirement is better.
5. The printer uses stainless steel ball, the specific location is unknown, it should be used in the ink cartridge, our company has such a customer, but the specific usage has not been asked, the specification is 4MM
6. Stainless steel ball for switch, if you don't have special requirements, you can use 201, which saves the cost of the enterprise, and can basically do stainless. If there is high requirement, it is recommended to use 304 stainless steel ball.
7. For steel balls for mobile phones, the most common one is the steel ball for mobile phone boards. It is used for sealing. It is usually 1.2mm, 1.25mm, 1.3mm, 1.35mm, 1.4mm, 1.45mm1.5mm, 1.6mm, normal. It is best to use 316L stainless steel ball, and some customers also choose 304 steel ball. The mobile phone is not an electric appliance.