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Stainless steel ball for grinding


Steel balls have their own advantages as grinding media […]

Steel balls have their own advantages as grinding media and are widely used in various industries.
1. Widely used for polishing and deburring of various metal surfaces. The material has 201 stainless steel beads, 304 balls, and some 420 stainless steel balls. Of course, it also has 440C steel balls, which is suitable for polishing almost all metal surfaces. Our customers There are a large number of surface polishing treatments for gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum and other workpieces. The treated surface is smoother, brighter, and has a stronger aesthetic effect. It is naturally polished and has excellent effects. To the stainless steel ball is 4MM, there is also a stainless steel dish-shaped ball, the specification is 3*5MM flying saucer ball, 5*7MM stainless steel flying saucer ball.
2. For grinding, such as grinding steel balls for food, as well as for grinding herbs, of course, these have higher requirements for stainless steel balls, requiring non-toxic and environmentally friendly. In addition, it is more widely used for powder grinding. There is a problem of steel ball grading, which is the number of stainless steel balls mixed in different specifications. In this respect, there are different options for different products.