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Stainless steel ball heat treatment


Stainless steel ball heat treatment first understand wh […]

Stainless steel ball heat treatment first understand why heat treatment, from the metallographic structure, stainless steel beads are divided into austenitic stainless steel balls, martensitic stainless steel balls, and ferritic stainless steel balls, heat treatment of balls of different materials The way is different:

First, the purpose of heat treatment of austenitic stainless steel beads is to remove the magnetic force, because the steel ball will produce working magnetic force during the process of cold rolling or grinding, and the metallographic structure will also be slowly transformed from austenite to martensite, antiseptic. The properties will also be deteriorated, so the heat treatment can remove the magnetic properties on the one hand, and the original austenite on the other hand. The correct heat treatment method, the electric furnace temperature rises to 850 degrees, and the stainless steel ball insulation is usually 1- After 2 hours, then pour into cold water to cool quickly, which usually removes the magnetism.

Second, the purpose of heat treatment of martensitic stainless steel balls is to improve the hardness, thereby enhancing the wear resistance of stainless steel balls and prolonging the life of the workpiece: these stainless steel balls are high carbon and high chromium, and these two elements are a contradiction. Because the carbon content and chromium content are too high, it is easy to cause uneven distribution of chromium, which affects the anti-rust performance of stainless steel.

Third, ferritic stainless steel beads do not require heat treatment.