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Stainless steel ball polishing process


Stainless steel balls in precision ball bearings play a […]

Stainless steel balls in precision ball bearings play a very important role in modern industry, and conventional grinding methods have become more difficult to meet their machining accuracy and efficiency requirements.
Precision ball bearing grinding technology has attracted many scholars, grinding many new methods and processing technology concerns. However, these processing methods are not efficient by processing precision, or because the organization and control are more complicated, and it is difficult to apply to mass production.
Through the research of steel ball processing, grinding principle and process to determine new solutions to improve efficiency and processing quality of steel balls include:
1. Uniformity in different ways. 1. Analyze billet milling, grind various ways to find out the advantages and disadvantages of the ball's processing quality and efficiency, and propose a reasonable solution for efficient handling of high quality ball bearings.
2. The ball belongs to the free abrasive precision grinding process, and the research mechanism and the grinding mechanism form a ball.
Through the kinematics and dynamics analysis of the ball, the MATLAB software analysis is used to verify the offset processing and the grinding of the grinding disc groove. The two methods are used to improve the quality of the steel ball and the design of the equipment can open the milling machine. Mounting, reducing the installation error of the grinding disc trimming, which will help improve the machining efficiency and processing accuracy of the steel ball.