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The characteristics of cross shaft Universal Bearing


The cross shaft Universal Bearing is a universal transm […]

The cross shaft Universal Bearing is a universal transmission base. Its main feature is that it can connect two transmission shaft systems that are not on the same axis, and can reliably transmit torque and motion.

The coupling has the advantages of high carrying capacity, long service life, smooth operation, no noise, and large axial compensation.
The correct installation, reasonable use and regular maintenance of the cross shaft universal coupling are very important to ensure the rotation performance and extend the service life.

1) Installation considerations

(1) In principle, both ends of the universal coupling can be used as active and driven. The installation should comply with the design requirements of the transmission system, and try to keep the spline pair away from the source of vibration or shock.

(2) For telescopic universal couplings with spline pairs, check whether the arrow marks of the spline shaft and the spline sleeve are aligned to ensure that the phase difference between the axes of the fork bearing holes at both ends does not exceed 10.
2) Cleaning and inspection

(1) Clean oil stains and dry the flange surface before installation. The flange connection bolts must be tightened with a torque wrench according to the specified pre-tightening torque, and the mechanical properties of the bolts and nuts shall not be lower than 10.9.

(2) Before tightening the bolts, the threads must be cleaned or washed, and a little glue must be applied, and tightened in a staggered manner (bottom hardness washers are not allowed).

(3) After the installed universal coupling has been loaded for one shift (8h), check whether the flange connecting bolts are loose, and tighten them again according to the pre-tightening torque. Repeat this for several shifts until the bolts are no longer loose.

(4) Long-term overload use and illegal operation of universal joints should be avoided, otherwise the service life will be reduced.

3) Lubrication rules

(1) There is enough lubricating grease for the newly manufactured universal joint, so there is no need to add oil. But when it is stored for more than six months, it needs to be refilled before using the machine.

(2) The universal coupling should be adequately lubricated. The bearing part should be relubricated once a week at the beginning of operation. After normal operation, the lubrication should be refilled once every quarter, and the spline side should be refilled once every six months. The grease is No. 2 industrial lithium grease (a small amount of MoS2 can be added to the spline pair). When replenishing the bearing with grease, the new grease should squeeze out the old grease from the J-shaped oil seal until the new grease overflows.

4) Inspection items

The universal coupling in operation, inspection items.

(1) Whether there is abnormal noise;

(2) Whether the cross bag has axial movement;

(3) Whether the radial runout is normal;

(4) Whether the connecting bolts are loose.

If any of the above phenomena occurs, stop the machine for inspection, analyze the cause, and perform maintenance.

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