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The influence of PVC plastic ball mold material selection on the quality of PVC plastic ball


PVC  plastic ball is manufactured by injection molding […]

PVC  plastic ball is manufactured by injection molding process, but because PVC material is corrosive, PVC plastic ball mold material should be made of corrosion-resistant mold steel. Generally, the commonly used mold steel is made of S136, which has high hardness. , The advantages of corrosion resistance.

How to make PVC plastic ball mold using ordinary mold steel? PVC will corrode the mold during the injection process, and the mold surface will be corroded into a frosted surface, which has a great impact on the surface appearance of the plastic ball. Moreover, after the mold surface is corroded, the plastic The ball will stick to the mold easily, causing difficulties for the support mold, and the PVC plastic ball mold must be made of heat-treated S136 material, so that the plastic ball blank ball produced will not be approved, and the precision of the plastic ball is high. Provide convenience for subsequent processing and grinding.