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The influence of steel ball steel forging and other grinding bodies on grinding efficiency


In the ball mill, through the impact and peeling of the […]

In the ball mill, through the impact and peeling of the medium (steel balls, steel forgings, steel rods) and the ore itself, the particle size of the ore is further reduced until the powder is ground into work. The purpose is to achieve the ultimate separation of useful minerals and gangue minerals that constitute the ore, so as to provide materials that meet the requirements of the next beneficiation process. Grinding is an important operation of the concentrator, and the quality of the grinding products directly affects the level of selection indicators. The grinding process is the work of ore dressing power consumption and metal material consumption, and the equipment investment density used is also very high. Therefore, improving the grinding work and improving the grinding work index is of great significance to the beneficiation work, and it is also one of the important directions of the development of the beneficiation technology.

The grinding body performs both impact and grinding functions on the material in the ball mill. The material is mainly subjected to the impact force of the grinding body. After a certain fineness, the material is pulverized mainly by grinding between the grinding bodies (or between the grinding body and the inner lining). There is a point contact between the grinding bodies and between the grinding body and the inner liner, and it is difficult to make line and surface contact.

Therefore, as far as the grinding body is concerned, its bulk density, strength, abrasion, appearance shape and surface conditions have a great influence on the efficiency of the ball mill, that is, the quality of the slurry.

In terms of bulk density, on the one hand, the greater the bulk density of the same volume of abrasive, the greater the mass, the greater the kinetic energy, the greater the impact and grinding force on the material, and the easier it is to crush and grind the material; on the other hand, in the same mass In the case of, the larger the volume density of the abrasive, the smaller the volume of the abrasive, and the greater the volume of the abrasive relative to the volume of the abrasive with the same loading (referring to the effective volume of the mill). At the same time, the more impacts and grinding times of the abrasive body on the material.

In addition, the ball mill of the same specification, due to its high volume density, the ball mill with the same loading capacity occupies a small effective space. Therefore, when the total loading capacity of materials, steel balls, and water account for the same proportion of the effective space of the ball mill, the three The total loading capacity will also increase.