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Toy plastic balls need environmental protection and safety


The material of toy plastic balls needs environmental p […]

The material of toy plastic balls needs environmental protection and safety, and must meet the standards of toy product certification.At present, there are not many plastic raw materials that meet these standards, especially in the domestic toy industry.

Unsafe plastic toys in toy products are PVC plastic toys, and PVC plastic balls are also problems that are easily overlooked.

Plasticizers in PVC products are easy to be precipitated under high temperature environment, and PVC toy balls are directly given to children to play in the hands. Children can easily put PVC plastic balls on their mouths to bite during the play, so PVC There are big risk factors for plastic balls.

At present, the raw materials that can replace PVC materials to produce plastic balls are mainly TPU plastic balls and TPE plastic balls.The plastic balls produced by these two materials basically meet the EU certification standards.As everyone's environmental awareness increases, PVC plastic balls will definitely Being eliminated, and environmental protection TPU plastic balls TPE plastic balls will definitely be accepted by more and more people.