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What are fillers and what are the advantages of fillers


Fillers generally refer to materials that are filled in […]

Fillers generally refer to materials that are filled in other objects. In chemical engineering, packing refers to inert solid materials installed in packed towers, such as Pall rings and Raschig rings, etc., whose function is to increase the gas-liquid contact surface and make them mix strongly with each other. In chemical products, fillers, also known as fillers, refer to solid materials used to improve processing properties, mechanical properties of products and/or reduce them. In the field of sewage treatment, it is mainly used in the contact oxidation process, and microorganisms will accumulate on the surface of the filler to increase the surface contact with the sewage and degrade the sewage.


Good Filtration Capacity PP Hollow Ball

Advantages of fillers: simple structure, small pressure drop, easy to manufacture with high-quality non-metallic materials, etc. Ideal for gas absorption, vacuum distillation and handling of corrosive fluids.