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What are the advantages of environmental protection hollow ball


Environmental Protection Hollow Ball are one of the mos […]

Environmental Protection Hollow Ball are one of the most popular fillers in packed towers. These balls are used in industrial sewage water purification. They have a good wastewater treatment effect and can purify exhaust gases effectively. These balls can be made of different materials depending on the requirements and conditions of the packed tower.The Plastic Polyhedral Hollow Ball is a multi-faceted and multi-side plastic ball that is suitable for various environments. It can withstand temperatures ranging from 60°C to 150°C and has a very uniform distribution of liquid and gas inside.


The hollow ball has two hemispheres and several half-fan-shaped leaves, which help to achieve the shielding effect.Plastic polyhedral hollow ball is a kind of high-efficiency tower packing that is widely used in sewage treatment, water purification, and desulfurization of CO2 in power plants. It is an excellent material for industrial sewage water purification because it can effectively absorb exhaust gas, purify wastewater, and eliminate the purification tower. It is a versatile material that can be selected according to design specifications and conditions of a packed tower.


Besides sewage treatment, the Plastic Polyhedral Hollow Ball can also be widely used in vacuum distillation, CO2 desulfurization, and power plant desulfurization. Its high surface area makes it suitable for filling various water treatment equipments. In addition, it has a very low wind resistance, making it an excellent material for many applications.Plastic multi-aspect hollow ball can be used in a variety of applications to protect the environment.


These buoyant balls are made from heat-resistant and chemically stable plastic. Compared to traditional balls, these are lighter and more insulating, which can keep water from losing heat or liquid. They also reduce the costs of heating and cooling water.The plastic polyhedra hollow ball is a new type of high-efficiency tower packing media that is used in the sewage treatment process, desulfurization of CO2 in a power plant, and purified water tower packing. This new material has found applications in domestic power plants, water treatment equipment, and chemical and papermaking industries.