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What are the applications of plastic balls in bearings


Plastic balls are widely used in bearings. POM and PA p […]

Plastic balls are widely used in bearings. POM and PA plastic balls have good mechanical strength and wear resistance. They are suitable for making more precise plastic bearings. The specific gravity of the plastic balls is 1.41-1.43 g/cm3, and the working temperature is from -60 to 120 degrees, the surface strength is high and smooth, there is basically no tension, its good self-lubricating performance and low friction coefficient, on the basis of maintaining the traditional advantages of plastic bearings, can be applied to precision and high speed operation. Among them, POM plastic balls are widely used in plastic bearings. Generally, the materials of the inner and outer plastic balls are POM and PA. The balls are glass balls, stainless steel balls or ceramic balls. This kind of plastic bearings performs well in alkaline environments but does not It is suitable for operation in acidic corrosive environment.
The application characteristics of plastic balls in bearings are as follows.
1. The plastic ball has high rigidity, high hardness, and high impact strength even at low temperatures.
2. Excellent elasticity and good creep resistance.
3. High heat stability and very good dimensional stability.
4. Good sliding performance and wear resistance.
5. Environmental protection, suitable for contact with food, suitable for making plastic bearings, deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, needle roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, thrust ball bearings, outer spherical bearings, universal joints Bearing, one-way bearing.