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What are the bearing types and bearing applications?


Bearing type and bearing application Jack joint Ball be […]

Bearing type and bearing application
Jack joint
Ball bearings use precision Stainless Steel Ball as rolling elements, which can withstand considerable thrust and radial loads. They are ideal for high-speed applications such as gearboxes and pumps.

Roller bearing
Roller bearings are used in applications with heavier radial loads. Roller bearings are very similar to ball bearings, except that they consist of cylindrical rolling elements instead of spherical elements. Needle roller bearings are roller bearings with very thin cylindrical elements that can withstand high loads. Applications include automotive power transmission systems, drive shafts and air compressors.

Sliding bearing
Sliding bearings are also called sliding bearings and usually do not have any rolling elements. They are one-dimensional bearings, do not require lubrication, have very low friction and high load carrying capacity. Sliding bearings are very useful for structural support. Common applications include compressors, ship drive shafts and seat sliders.

Jewelry Bearing
Gem bearing is a sliding bearing made of synthetic gem material (such as sapphire or ruby) to better withstand friction. Jewelry bearings are used in applications that require miniature, ultra-precision wear resistance, such as mechanical watches.

Fluid bearing
A fluid bearing is a type of bearing whose load is supported by a thin layer of rapidly moving pressurized liquid or gas between the bearing surfaces. The fluid is usually water, oil or air, and is usually pressurized by a pump. Fluid bearings are ideal for applications that require extremely low friction. Applications include hard disk drives and industrial equipment.

Thrust bearings
Thrust bearing is a kind of rotary bearing, which is essentially a ball bearing in the ring. They are ideal for supporting axial loads. Fluid bearing is a kind of thrust bearing. Thrust bearings are often used in clutch release mechanisms and automobile air-conditioning compressors.