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What are the common problems of steel ball manufacturers in the process of operation


The quality of the steel ball determines the efficiency […]

The quality of the steel ball determines the efficiency in the work process, and if the quality of the purchased steel ball is not up to the standard, the steel ball will be easily damaged during the work process. The steel ball of the steel ball manufacturer has some problems during the operation. What are the common problems? What are the main manifestations?

1. High wear: The main reason is that some manufacturers do not have quenching equipment, Stainless Steel Ball and the wear resistance of steel balls that have not been quenched is very low, or they are shoddy, resulting in low product hardness and high wear;

2. Broken: Mainly because the composition of the steel ball is not up to standard, the heat treatment method is not correct, the appearance is poor, or the use of inferior raw materials is used, resulting in high inclusions in the steel ball, resulting in broken;

3. Spalling: the reason is similar to that of crushing;

4. Poor appearance: The appearance of the steel ball has serious appearance defects such as slag inclusion, sand inclusion, high piles, and wrinkled skin. These defects are the stress concentration points of the steel ball, which will cause the steel ball due to stress changes during the use of the ball mill. Broken or peeling, etc.