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What are the common sense about polyhedral hollow sphere packing


The multi-faceted hollow sphere is processed from polyp […]

The multi-faceted hollow sphere is processed from polypropylene (PP), and its appearance is spherical. The main specifications are φ25mm, φ38mm, φ50mm, φ76mm, φ100mm. It is composed of two hemispheres. The leaves are staggered from each other, usually 8-12. There is also a ring for reinforcement on the "waist" of the multi-faceted hollow sphere, and there are twelve spherical petals on the top and bottom of the ring, and so on. Due to the large number of blades, the specific surface area of ​​the multi-faceted hollow sphere is large.


Also because of the large number of blades, there is a shielding effect between each other, which is not conducive to liquid distribution and wetness. It is mainly used in cooling towers, purification towers of oxygen, chlorine, Removal of gases such as carbon dioxide. Firstly, the polyhedral hollow sphere has a large specific surface area and high gas velocity, which can fully solve the problem of gas-liquid exchange; secondly, the polyhedral hollow sphere has the advantages of low resistance, light weight, large free space, and large operating flexibility.


In addition, it also has strength High, small wind resistance, large free space, high temperature and corrosion resistance, good surface hydrophilic performance, low power consumption, because the material itself (including PP, PE, RPP, PVC, CPVC, PVDF and other materials) has the advantages of light weight, resistance to Therefore, the tower packing made of it has the characteristics of high flooding point, large void, low pressure drop and mass transfer unit height, high mass transfer efficiency, and sufficient gas-liquid contact.


It is mostly used Pom Ball in waste gas treatment and water treatment projects and in environmental protection equipment such as oxygen, chlorine, carbon dioxide absorption towers, acid mist purification towers, and exhaust gas purification towers; in addition, it is also used in domestic chemical industry, papermaking, electric power, environmental protection, etc. The industry is used in decarbonization, oil-water separation, decarbonation, seawater desalination, wastewater, pure water, waste gas treatment and other devices. The multi-faceted hollow ball is a mold injection product, so there is little dimensional error, but because it has many blades, it is easy to overlap when stacked, so sometimes it looks "not enough", this is a normal phenomenon, so consumers must ask Be clear about the quantity.