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What are the different uses of various steel balls


Steel balls, also known as steel balls and rolling ball […]

Steel balls, also known as steel balls and rolling balls, belong to transmission devices, mainly used for bearings, and are important accessories of bearings. Steel balls are divided into grinding steel balls, forged steel balls, and cast steel balls according to the production and processing technology. According to the processing materials, it is divided into bearing steel balls, stainless steel balls, carbon steel balls, alloy balls, etc. Alloy steel ball is a kind of spherical ferroalloy wear-resistant body produced by forging, spinning, rolling and casting with carbon, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, etc. as the main added metal elements. Ball, the most important part of cement ball.

Carbon steel balls are widely used in drawer slides, bicycles, bearings, pulleys, crafts, shelves, universal balls, pumps, valves, luggage, small hardware, and can also be used to grind other media.
Stainless steel balls are widely used in the hardware manufacturing industry: lamps, auto parts, motorcycle parts, bicycles, valves, pumps, motors, electric irons, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, switches, luggage, handicrafts, bearings, die castings, conveyor belts, transmissions Shafts, quick-connect couplings, medical equipment, photographic equipment, chemical products industry: oil refining equipment, nail polish plastic products industry: perfume bottles, sprayers, roller bottles, cosmetic pens Food industry: medicinal materials processing, baby bottles, food processing Military: aviation, Aerospace equipment bearing steel balls are widely used in high-speed and low-noise bearings, bicycles, auto parts, slide rails, pumps, valves, universal balls, luggage, electronic industries, etc., and can be used to grind other media.

In addition, steel balls can be used for elbow filling, expanding force transmission, continuously variable transmission force coupling, precision steel ball displacement sensors, bomb fillings, locks, one-way valves, industrial stainless steel processing, etc.
Other main uses: universal ball, positioning ball, steel ball massager, keychain, mobile phone ornaments, buckle bottle cap, car phone holder, tile pressing tool, car water gun, air gun, rail steel ball toy, magnetic steel ball toy, steel Ball checking fixtures, stainless steel floating balls, elastic steel ball bolts, ear studs, jewelry, clothing, ballpoint pens, etc.