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What are the main uses of plastic polishing balls


1.Used as seal valve In automatic industries, the polis […]

1.Used as seal valve

In automatic industries, the polished plastic balls are normally used as sealing valve to take the function of sealing. They will design polished hollow ball or polished solid ball on electronic, electrical appliance, valve, sanitary products, water tap and others to prevent leakage. It is also used on vacuum cleaner to prevent dust dropping out from the dust box.


As a seal valve ball, we have very strict requirement about the size tolerance and materials.

  • The tolerance of the ball diameter should be within 0.03mm.
  • The surface smooth finish should be within RA0.025
  • Choose suitable materials according to the application such as PP, POM, PE, ABS, NYLON and so on.
  • The size difference between ball and the ball support is within 0.25mm


2.Floating ball in fuel, oil, water or other liquid.

Because of the lower density of plastic material, PP Hollow Ball can float on most of the liquid surface. The small plastic ball is widely used in level gauge as floating ball to show the level of liquid or the pressure of gas. It is also used as cover ball on the liquid surface. They are put on the liquid surface to prevent liquid evaporation, smelling sending out into the air, vapour loss. It is widely used in industry, precision instrument, commercial cooker.


3.Roll-on ball in cosmetic and pharmaceuticals industry

Plastic polished ball including hollow ball and solid ball are widely used on plastic bottle with roll-on ball. This kind of plastic bottle is used in cosmetics for some liquid skin care products. It is also used to fill the liquid medicine in pharmaceuticals industry.