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What are the manufacturing methods of hollow plastic balls


The manufacturing process of Plastic Hollow Ball is muc […]

The manufacturing process of Plastic Hollow Ball is much more complicated than that of solid plastic balls. The manufacturing methods of hollow plastic balls are as follows:

1. Ordinary plastic hollow balls are manufactured by blow molding process. Plastic hollow balls produced by blow molding process are generally aimed at plastic hollow balls with low quality requirements, and plastic hollow ball products that have no special requirements on appearance and strength. Plastic hollow balls have a strong selectivity for materials, and only PP and PE materials can be used to produce plastic hollow balls, and the thickness of plastic hollow balls cannot be precisely controlled, and there is a phenomenon of uneven wall thickness of plastic hollow balls, so Blow-molded plastic hollow balls are mostly used in fillers or plating solution covering occasions.

2. The plastic hollow ball is manufactured by bonding process: to manufacture two plastic hollow hemispheres, the seams of the plastic hollow hemispheres should be buckled accordingly. First, apply glue to the buckles of the two plastic hemispheres, and then Buckle the two plastic hemispheres together, and after the glue solidifies, the finished plastic hollow plastic ball is finished. The plastic ball produced by the gluing process is not high in strength and is sensitive to temperature. It is easy to crack under high and low temperature conditions, so Practicality is not very strong.

3. Manufacture of plastic hollow ball welding process: first of all, two plastic hemispheres are to be produced. The difference from the plastic hemispheres used for gluing is that no buckles are required. First, the two hemispheres are put into a set of welding molds, and the welding mold The seams will be thinner. Put the closed mold into a special furnace to heat up. When the plastic at the seams melts and fuses together, take out the mold to cool, and take out the plastic hollow ball to become a semi-finished plastic hollow ball. Yes, the semi-finished plastic hollow ball is passed through a special hollow plastic ball grinding machine. The seam of the processed precision hollow plastic ball is integrated with other parts of the entire plastic ball. There is no difference in strength, the wall thickness is consistent, and the appearance is beautiful. It is also the best manufacturing method for precision plastic hollow balls.

4. Ultrasonic welding process of plastic hollow balls: Ultrasonic welding of plastic hollow balls also uses two plastic hemispheres for ultrasonic welding, but the plastic hollow balls for ultrasonic welding need to make corresponding buckles of the two hemispheres continuously. The two semicircular plastic hollow balls should be buckled together first, and then placed under the ultrasonic machine for ultrasonic welding. The plastic hollow balls for ultrasonic welding have very little material selection, and can only be welded with hard plastics, and the welding strength is not high. , Ultrasonic technology is suitable for welding plastic hollow balls that require strength.


Customized Sewage Treatment PP Hollow Ball

Customized Sewage Treatment PP Hollow Ball