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What are the matters needing attention in the manufacture of POM plastic ball mold


The manufacturing of POM plastic ball mold must calcula […]

The manufacturing of POM plastic ball mold must calculate the shrinkage rate of POM material, but POM plastic ball mold is different from other POM products. POM plastic ball is a solid sphere. The larger the size, the shrinking rate will be doubled, so POM plastic The manufacturing of the ball mold also depends on experience to calculate the reduction rate of the mold.

The mold material of the POM plastic ball must use the corrosion-resistant S136 material, and the material must be heat-treated before it can be used, because if the mold material is not hard enough, the semi-finished product of the injection molded blank ball will have a large wind, which will affect the efficiency of secondary processing , And the mold must have a venting structure, because the air in the cavity of the POM Plastic Hollow Ball mold cannot be discharged out of the mold, there will be pores inside the injection molded POM plastic ball blank ball, which will affect the POM plastic The strength of the ball.