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What do we need to do from a big country producing steel balls to a powerful country?


Although we can be regarded as a big country for steel […]

Although we can be regarded as a big country for steel ball production and export, we are all low-end steel balls. We still have a lot of distance from real high-precision and high-quality steel balls. If we want to become a real steel ball powerhouse, we still need to do a lot of work. . Below, I will give you a detailed explanation on borrowing flowers and offering Buddha:

1. Comprehensively improve the quality of Stainless Steel Ball materials and prevent inferior or unqualified steel from filling the market.

2. Establish a number of group enterprises with brand effect, with systematic management, quality level, economic benefits, and product division. Overcome small, scattered and poor phenomena, and overcome vicious, disorderly low-price competition.

3. Absorb mature foreign experience, strengthen industry management, and make the steel ball industry develop in a standardized, fair, just and healthy manner.

4. Use the steel ball committee as an industry organization to further organize and improve the product quality and quality stability of related supporting industries.

5. Strengthen the cooperation between steel ball companies and bearing companies, and jointly study the applicability of steel balls to bearings.

6. In terms of technology, we must go from introduction, imitation to innovation, and combine advanced foreign technology with China's national conditions, and take a Chinese-style path.