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What equipment is needed to make plastic balls


First of all, make the mold according to the size of th […]

First of all, make the mold according to the size of the plastic ball. What equipment are needed to make the plastic ball are as follows: injection molding machine and blow molding machine, beating machine, mixing machine, ultrasonic welding machine, polishing and grinding machine, measuring instrument, etc.

The most important equipment is the polishing and grinding machine for plastic balls. Here is a brief introduction to the working principle:



1. Application:

The plastic ball polishing machine is mainly used for polishing the convex and concave spherical parts of metals, plastics, polymers and other materials, which avoids the unevenness of the manually polished spherical surface and affects the accuracy of the spherical profile. The biggest feature of the precision spherical polishing machine does not affect the spherical profile during the polishing process.

2. Working principle:

The precision spherical polishing machine produced by the company adopts spherical trajectory, fully automatic polishing, and the surface roughness Ra value can reach a maximum of 0.01μm without affecting the accuracy of spherical profile. It avoids the problem of unevenness of the surface roughness of the hand-polished spherical surface, which affects the accuracy of the spherical profile.

3. Technical indicators:

The range of ball diameter can be processed, and the size of the processed parts can be customized according to user needs. The surface precision of the processed plastic ball can reach: Ra value 0.01μm.