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What Industries Rely on Plastic Hollow Balls for Their Processes?


When it comes to Plastic Hollow Balls, they play an imp […]

When it comes to Plastic Hollow Balls, they play an important role in various industries and are used in various specific processes and applications.

1. Chemical industry:
Plastic hollow balls play a vital role in the chemical industry. They are commonly used in packed and tray columns to increase mass transfer efficiency and improve reaction efficiency. The balls help transfer chemicals from one state to another by increasing surface area, allowing liquids and gases to come into better contact. They are used in a variety of processes such as acid-base neutralization, gas absorption, and gas separation, and are essential in the manufacture of a wide range of chemicals.

2. Environmental protection field:
Plastic hollow balls play an important role in environmental protection. In wastewater treatment plants, they are used to promote aeration and provide a surface area for beneficial bacteria to degrade pollutants. The balls provide a large surface area where microorganisms can attach and break down organic matter in the wastewater, thus purifying the water.

3.Water treatment:
Water treatment facilities use plastic hollow balls for aeration and as filter media in the water purification process. In water purification processes, they can improve wastewater treatment efficiency by increasing oxygen transfer rates, and can also be used as part of solid-liquid separation to remove suspended solids and impurities.

4.Petrochemical industry:
Plastic hollow spheres are widely used in distillation columns and packed bed reactors to improve heat and mass transfer in petrochemical product refining. They can help separate different components in a mixture, resulting in high-purity chemicals.

5. Electricity production:
Plastic hollow balls in power plants help improve the performance of cooling towers by maximizing air-water contact for efficient heat dissipation. This is critical to maintaining the temperature of power generation equipment within acceptable limits to ensure continued reliable power production.

6. Food and Beverage Industry:
Plastic hollow balls have various applications in the food and beverage industry. They can be used in fermentation processes to provide oxygen to microorganisms, as well as in a variety of applications in food processing, such as mixing, cooling and heating.

7.Pharmaceutical industry:
Plastic hollow spheres are commonly used by the pharmaceutical industry to achieve efficient heat transfer and are also used as filtration media in pharmaceutical production and research. These balls help remove particles and impurities, ensuring product purity.

8. Mining and Metallurgy:
In the mining and metallurgical industries, plastic hollow balls are used in flotation and separation processes in ore processing. By improving the contact between bubbles and particulate matter, the separation of ore can be better achieved, thereby increasing the recovery rate of ore.

9. Textile industry:
Plastic hollow balls help maintain proper dyeing temperature and promote uniformity of the textile dyeing process. They are also used as filter media in textile wastewater treatment, helping to remove color and contaminants.

10. Pulp and paper industry:
Plastic hollow balls are used in the pulp and paper industry for aeration and wastewater treatment. During the papermaking process, they can provide oxygen, promote the dispersion and dissolution of chemicals, and also play a role in filtration and separation in wastewater treatment.


Natural Color Plastic PP Perfume Ball

Material:PP hollow ball
Specification:Φ10mm-60mm (other specifications can also be customized)
application:Ball bottle, liquid cover, sealing ball, float ball