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What is a high-precision steel ball


The grade of the steel ball is composed of the toleranc […]

The grade of the steel ball is composed of the tolerance range, roundness and roughness of the steel ball, which is a comprehensive evaluation and evaluation parameter for the steel ball. Steel balls are generally divided into G10, G16, G20, G24...G100, G500, G1000 and so on. For example, a grade of steel ball is G10, which means that the diameter variation of the steel ball is 0.25μm or less, the roundness is 0.25μm, the roughness is 0.25μm, and the tolerance range is +/- 9μm.


It can be seen from this that a steel ball reaches the G10 level, which proves that the parameters of the steel ball conform to the range covered by G10. So which level of steel ball is the best? The finishing of steel balls is rolled and ground by adding grinding sand in the drum, and then it is graded and grouped according to size. The highest precision of the diameter, the error can be close to zero. According to the current situation of the development of the modern steel ball industry, the precision steel ball factory generally produces more G10 grade steel balls. According to the national standard, the G3 grade steel ball is the first type of steel ball.


However, in the actual production situation, no real G3 grade steel ball can be produced by any manufacturer at present. In actual production, the G5 grade steel ball in the strict sense is the only steel ball factory that can produce it for many years. , Risheng people, based on Wujin Metal Ball Research Institute, are constantly committed to research and development of steel ball manufacturing technology.


Mainly Carbon Steel Ball produces 1-16mm chrome steel (AISI52100), carbon steel (AISI1015.1045.1085), stainless steel (AISI304.316.420.440C), alloy steel balls, copper balls and other metal balls, which are widely used in bearings, automobiles, power tools, guide rails , ball racks and other products are deeply trusted and loved by domestic and foreign merchants. At the same time, they also produce flying saucer balls, and special-shaped steel balls are used in the field of polishing. Regardless of the accuracy, roundness, roughness and tolerance range of the steel balls, they are strictly implemented in accordance with the national standards for steel balls and meet the standards.