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What is a liquid surface covering ball


The liquid surface covering ball is made of polypropyle […]

The liquid surface covering ball is made of polypropylene pp as raw material, and is a circular plastic filler produced by foaming and shrinking. It is divided into two types: with edge covering ball and without edge covering ball. It has the characteristics of overlapping sides and good covering effect. Its function is to inhibit the volatilization of acid mist, protect the health of operators, reduce air pollution and air pollution to water quality, effectively improve the quality of condensed water, and facilitate the safe operation of generator sets and heating units.


After a lot of scientific experiments, Roll On Hollow Ball effectively solves the technical problem of liquid surface covering, which can protect water quality, purify the environment, safety and fire prevention, and save energy. The liquid surface covering ball is suitable for various horizontal acid storage tanks, acid storage tanks, condensed water storage tanks and demineralized water tanks in water treatment.


Water quality, energy saving and environmental purification. It is suitable for covering all kinds of liquid surfaces with volatilization. It is widely used in the sealing materials of concentrated hydrochloric acid and condensate water tanks in power systems; various horizontal acid storage tanks in petroleum, chemical, chlor-alkali, gas, smelting, environmental protection, electric power and other enterprises; condensate storage tanks and demineralized water tanks in water treatment; large The degree of reduction of acid fog, carbon dioxide and oxygen in the air pollution of water quality.