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What Is Application Of Plastic Balls


Different type of material plastic balls for different […]

Different type of material plastic balls for different application .


For PP plastic balls
With good resistance, chemical resistance, low density (density less than water), low water absorption, the highest melting point of the thermoplastic with excellent electrical insulator and low dielectric coefficient, often used for floating capacity requirements, withblood transfusion, level calibration indicator.They can used for cosmetic beads, used for liquid level calibration indicator, medium oil or acid alkaline liquid.

For POM plastic ball Delrin
It is similar to nylon, but slightly harder than nylon, slightly larger than the density recommended products applied to the required low water absorption, they are always used for table and drawer sliding devices, bearings, rollers, valves and electronics, sailing, etc

For PA66( Nylon) Ball
The nylon has preferably the alkali metal, to adapt to the neutral characteristics of petroleum products and all kinds of chemical products,they can used for valve, light load bearing, knob, pull switch, good elasticity, high hardness device.

For PTFE plastic ball
They are excellent chemical stability, resistance to corrosion, sealing, high lubricity non-tackiness, electrical insulation and good anti-aging Stamina. Continuous use temperature range of -180 ° C to 250 ° C. PTFE (Teflon ?), ball so excellent frictionless known to most corrosive resistant possessed electrically insulating material,they are always used for cryogenic liquid and acid - base conditions of instruments.