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What is hollow ball?


What is the application scope of multi-faceted hollow b […]

What is the application scope of multi-faceted hollow ball packing? Multi-faceted hollow spherical packing is widely used in environmental protection equipment such as chlorine removal, oxygen removal, and carbon dioxide removal.

Multi-faceted hollow spherical packing has the characteristics of light weight, heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. It includes tower packing made of PP, PE, RPP, PVC, CPVC, PVDF and other materials. Plastic packing has large voids, pressure drop and mass transfer units. Low height, high flooding point, sufficient vapor-liquid contact, high mass transfer efficiency, etc. The service temperature in various media is 60-280℃. Plastic multi-faceted hollow spherical packing is widely used in packing towers of petroleum, chemical, chlor-alkali, gas, and environmental protection industries. Plastic packing is divided into plastic random packing (multi-faceted hollow ball, rosette, ring, step ring, Pall ring, rectangular saddle ring, different saddle ring, conjugate ring, flat ring, Raschig ring, snow ring, hexagonal ring , Rotating ring, pentagonal ring, conical ring, net ring, cross spherical ring, floating ball, liquid surface covering ball, diamond covering ball, etc.) and plastic structured packing.


The multi-faceted hollow spheres are processed from polypropylene (PP). Mainly used in cooling towers, purification of oxygen, dao chlorine, carbon dioxide and other gases in the purification tower. The appearance is spherical, and the main specifications are φ25mm, φ38mm, φ50mm, φ76mm, φ100mm.
Two hemispheres form a sphere. Each hemisphere has 8-12 half-fan blades. The fan-shaped blades of the two hemispheres are staggered. The middle of the multi-faceted hollow sphere has a reinforcement ring along the entire circumference, and the blades are evenly distributed on the top. The upper and lower spherical lobes are staggered and arranged radially along the central axis.More about:PP Hollow Ball