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What Is Polypropylene Hollow Ball


Hollow Plastic Balls help control heat loss, evaporatio […]

Hollow Plastic Balls help control heat loss, evaporation, and help with odor and mist control. Hollow Balls are also used as a check-valve ball in flow control applications.


Hollow Plastic Balls are spheres that can float on surface of liquid in open tank and thereby greatly reduce the exposed liquid surface area - up to 90%. Dramatically diminish objectionable fumes and odors. Blanket of spheres also insulates heated liquid reducing evaporation and heat requirements. Ideal for plating tanks and similar open tank installations where the liquid surface can be covered with a blanket of spheres without impeding access to the tank for process purposes. Spheres are hollow and will float on any liquid. No welt or rim on which chemicals can deposit, and being smooth they ensure a much tighter surface cover.


PP Perfume Ball


Polypropylene (PP) hollow ball, one type of Hollow Plastic Balls, is non-toxic and able to withstand continuous working temperatures of 110° C (230°F) Polypropylene is suitable for use in most known chemicals.


Polypropylene hollow balls offer excellent protection against chemicals, including many commonly used acids, oils, and water-based liquids. Hollow PP balls also boast a higher temperature resistance than other materials such as HDPE. PP balls meet current FDA requirements and offer exceptional performance properties, including high resistance to corrosion and moderate resistance to temperature changes and UV light. PP hollow balls are a great option for any application requiring a ball with buoyancy and a light weight.


Hollow balls manufactured from polypropylene are extremely versatile and have a variety of uses ranging from cosmetic dispensers to carburetors. Hollow polypropylene plastic balls are commonly used for chemical, medical, and laboratory devices such as in blood transfusion kits.