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What is the application of stainless steel balls in one-way bearings?


In the process of manufacturing equipment for one-way b […]

In the process of manufacturing equipment for one-way bearings, after the inner and outer rings and steel balls are combined, the steel balls need to be evenly distributed into the grooves of the inner and outer rings of the one-way bearing to facilitate the equipment of the one-way bearing cage. At present, most ball-distributing equipment uses a ball-pointing needle to evenly distribute the steel balls, and a cylinder to automatically distribute the steel balls evenly. This method simply damages the steel ball. The cylinder simply vibrates, damages the uniform distribution of the steel balls, and simply breaks or bends and deforms the ball needle. Many small and medium-sized one-way bearing manufacturers use manual methods to dispense steel balls. The power of the equipment holder is very low. In addition, the equipment holder generally adopts the method of hitting with a rubber hammer. This method is very simple, resulting in uneven force on both sides of the pocket hole and groove of the cage, reducing the gap. When applying force, it is difficult to control the force, and it is easy to damage the steel balls, cage pocket holes and grooves. It is very labor-intensive and inconvenient to knock on the equipment.

It relates to a ball splitter for holding rack equipment, which includes a handle for the device, a base, and a plurality of ball splitting rods fixed on the end surface of the base and distributed in a circular array. The longest and first ball plunger among the poles, the length of the other ball plungers decreases from the first-ranked ball plunger to both sides, and the other ball plungers are the first-ranked ball plungers. Relatively symmetrical setting. However, the tip of this ball-pointing plunger is sharp. Many experiments have proved that using this ball-pointing plunger to split the ball can easily cause two steel balls to get stuck between the two plungers and cause the ball to fail. , Reduce production capacity. Moreover, this kind of creation can only be divided into steel balls and cannot be equipped with cages, and the function is relatively simple.