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What is the difference between biodegradable plastic ball manufacturing technology and POM plastic ball?


The material used in the biodegradable plastic ball is […]

The material used in the biodegradable plastic ball is PLA, which can be decomposed by bacteria in the soil or in a humid environment and will not pollute the environment, but the manufacturing method of the biodegradable plastic ball is completely different from that of the POM plastic ball.

The shrinkage rate of PLA degradable plastic balls is greater than that of POM plastic balls. Therefore, the production of PLA plastic balls cannot be shared with plastic ball molds of other materials. The mold must be manufactured separately. During the injection molding process of PLA plastic balls, the material must be fully dried. If there is moisture in the material, the material will vaporize during injection molding, making it difficult to injection molding. The machine used for grinding and processing of PLA plastic balls is different from the grinding machine for POM plastic balls. The grinding machine for PLA plastic balls It can only be processed by manual pressure grinding, and POM plastic balls can use hydraulic pressure as the power to pressurize the ball mill.More about:Plastic Hollow Ball