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What is the difference between plastic balls and rubber balls


The manufacturing process of plastic balls is completel […]

The manufacturing process of plastic balls is completely different from that of rubber balls. Plastic Ball are manufactured by injection molding with an injection molding machine, while rubber balls

G0-G4 Grade High Precision PP Plastic Hollow Ball

G0-G4 Grade High Precision PP Plastic Hollow Ball

Rubber balls are formed by pressing rubber sheets or other shaped profiles through molds, also known as rubber vulcanization molding process.

Generally speaking, there are hundreds of kinds of plastic materials, and there are dozens of materials for rubber products. Plastic balls and rubber balls are different due to different materials.

The method and purpose of use are also different. Plastic balls have more options in terms of temperature resistance, oil resistance, hardness, and strength, while rubber balls have more options.

Due to the constraints of manufacturing process and physical properties, the application range is small, and most of them are used in vibrating screens and other fields, while plastic balls are due to the material

There are many types. According to the environmental conditions of the actual application of plastic balls, suitable materials can be matched to produce plastic balls. In addition, plastic balls can also be processed.

Produced into a hollow structure, the application market has a wide range of applications in the fields of mechanical equipment, electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, aerospace, petrochemicals, etc.

The manufacturing process of another plastic ball and plastic hollow ball is mature, the manufacturing cost is low, and the precision and surface finish are better than rubber

Ball and silicone ball products, so plastic balls are better than rubber balls and silicone balls in terms of manufacturing technology and application market.