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What is the precision ball manufacturing process


Steps in the manufacturing process of precision balls 1 […]

Steps in the manufacturing process of precision balls

1. Check the raw materials.

2. Cold heading machine-cut the appropriate length of wire, and then process the cylindrical shape into a roughly spherical shape

3. Flashing-remove any excess material around the ball

4. Heat treatment-quenching and tempering process to reduce internal stress

5. Then the ball is rapidly cooled in the oil reservoir to produce hard martensite

6. Grinding-before and after heat treatment, make the ball closer to its final requirements

7. Grinding-Two phenolic plates with very fine abrasives, such as Pom Ball diamond powder, to further reduce the surface roughness
8.Cleaning-remove any machining fluid and residual abrasives remaining in the manufacturing process

9. Balls used in microelectronics, medical and food applications adopt stricter cleaning technology

10. Visual inspection-Each batch is manually inspected to check for defects and dirt.

11. Roller gauge-The balls are sorted by the roller gauge from largest to smallest. Balls that are too big and too small are eliminated.

12. Quality control-each batch is tested for hardness, diameter, roundness and surface roughness

13. Packaging-The balls are dry packed in plastic bags. If the material is prone to oxidation, include vapor corrosion inhibitor paper.