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What is the standard for forging steel balls


As the main consumables in the grinding industry, the i […]

As the main consumables in the grinding industry, the importance of forged steel balls is self-evident. Forged steel balls can be divided into rotary cut roll forged Stainless Steel Ball and forged steel balls according to different production methods. The production method of rotary cutting roll forging steel balls is to heat the wear-resistant steel rods, and use rotary cutting roll forging to directly produce the steel balls through all mechanized equipment, and then uniformly heat the steel balls in the later stage.


The steel ball produced in this way has high efficiency, less manual intervention, stable quality, and is easy to form a large-scale inventory, which is convenient for large customers to order. The traceability of raw materials can well control the source of each batch of steel balls and facilitate the accountability of the quality of forged steel balls in the later stage. As the name implies, the forged steel ball has a forging process, which is to first cut the steel rod into the corresponding steel forging size, first heat the steel forging, and then use air hammer forging to obtain the forged steel we want. The ball is finally obtained by a series of heat treatment and other processes in the later stage.


In the production process of forged steel balls, many steps require manual intervention, so the quality of the product has a lot to do with the operator's craftsmanship, and because there are many manual operations, the production efficiency of forged steel balls is relatively relatively low. But we can say that forged steel balls must not be as good as rotary cut roll forged steel balls, nor is it like this, because forged steel balls have a compression ratio, so forged steel balls are more compact than many rotary cut rolls.


Forged steel balls are better, but in general, ordinary rotary cut roll forged steel balls can fully meet the needs of customers. We think that forged steel balls with a diameter of 120 or more are better to use forged steel balls and have better grinding performance. The wear resistance is higher. Of course, depending on the specific situation, we can consult the ball mill manufacturer and the steel ball manufacturer when we use the ball. In many cases, the more cost-effective rotary-cut roll-forged steel balls can improve our performance. Production efficiency, reduce production costs.